Betlion Jackpot Predictions

Betlion Uganda have 4 jackpots
Betlion Cranes Jackpot
Betlion Goliath Jackpot
Betlion Daily Jackpot
Betlion Pick 6 Free Jackpot

Betlion Cranes Jackpot Prediction
15 Matches, stake of UGX1000 and potential winning UGX 250,000,000

This jackpot is closed. As soon as there is another one we will put the tips here.

Betlion Goliath Jackpot Prediction
The Betlion Jackpot bonus is UGX 6,000,000,000, with a min. stake of UGX 2000 and you need to correctly predict 20 matches.

This jackpot is closed. As soon as there is another one we will put the tips here.

Uganda boasts a roaring online sports betting scene, and one of their star big five attractions is, home to one of the most exciting platforms in the country.

Betlion promises much, and delivers a bite to go with its teeth, offering what the site claims to be the biggest football jackpot on the continent.

That would not be stretching the imagination a bit far, with 1 billion Ugandan shillings up for grabs, they are definitely a contender for jackpot of the year.

The Ugandan Shilling is not the strongest currency in the world but a billion sounds like a lot. The equivalent dollar rate is around the USD 270 000 mark, so it is definitely one of the bigger jackpots in Africa.

The site also offers the Goliath football jackpot which promises pool prize money of 6 billion Shillings. That’s right, almost 1.7 US dollars is up for grabs. More about the super jackpot in a minute.

The betlion site is far more than the sum of its jackpots and offers a wide variety of bet options, including a substantial sportsbook, casino action, live in-play betting and a clutch of other football pool games.

There is a pick six with 25 million Shillings there for the taking – with punters having to predict the correct score for half a dozen contests to claim this prize.

The platform also boasts virtual play, top-notch promotions, a vast sporting code section and a substantially open bet-market.

The site is one of the most interesting bet-sites in Africa given the super-size jackpots, varied bet-options and outstanding win-chances across the board.

The virtual play is of a high quality and offers a diverse and comprehensive game-play.

There are sites in Uganda that do not offer virtual play, and while this is standard across the world, it is pleasing to see betlion is taking this interactive feature seriously.

The main landing page is slightly cramped, but this is due to the plethora of activities – with two menu directories across the top of the platform showing off its grandiosity.

The first menu, running horizontally across the very top of the landing page has the links for all the variety of win-chances, including the sportsbook, virtual play, casino, jackpots, a new pick six and a dream team.

The second menu directory running across the page features all the sports on offer, including football through to darts. This menu also has links to the promotions as well as live-in play betting.

The fact that the developers need two menu directories across the main landing page is testament to the abundance of riches on offer.

The online casino offers punters the chance to play all the usual table games, like blackjack, roulette, slots and poker.

The addition of an online casino is a major advantage for betlion, as the platform caters for any sort of gaming pleasure.

Clicking on the casino link will show the list of activities as well as a banner advertising that a player can earn a 20% loss back, on a particular day.

Going to the pick six link will open up a page, with punters earning a free bet on this feature. The first prize, for correctly predicting all six correct scores is 25 Shillings and picking up five wins can still bring in a tidy 2 million Shillings.

The site offers a mid-week pick 6 and a weekend draw as well.

The fixtures are used from leagues throughout the world and focus ion some of the biggest games of the midweek or weekend rounds.

The pick six bet-slip is prominent and easy to use, with a player just needing to click on the goals section in the fixture, selecting the result.

This portal, both web and mobi, is grand across the spectrum and it is no surprise that they offer some of the best promotions in the country.

There is the welcome bonus with new players earning up to 5000 Shillings. The second stage of the ‘welcome bonus’ is that each new player will receive 1000 cranes, to be used in their Crane Jackpot, with a whopping 250 million Shillings up for grabs.

The second promotion is a loyalty based one, with the much-loved ‘refer a friend’ bonus, with punters earning 2000 Shillings for each new player they bring into the fold.

The betpaka odds boost is another popular promo with punters standing a chance to increase their multi-bet winnings by up to as much as 30% of original winnings.

Loyal punters also earn weekly free bets.

The final promo on offer is a second chance free bet, with any wager of five or more multi-legs offering a free bet if one team result fails in the combo-bet.

One of the most crucial factors in making betlion a giant in the industry is their Goliath jackpot, with 6 billion Shillings on the line.

The weekly jackpot is made up of 20 legs, and is a 1×2 traditional format.

A punter must accurately predict the results of 20 encounters and stand in line to win a life-changing sum.

The prize for selecting 19 of the 20 is 100 million, while 18 of 20 gives a 20 million reward.

There is even 5 million Ugandan shillings up for grabs for players who only predict 17 games. And finally if a punter selects 16 of the 20 they will receive a free bet into the next Goliath jackpot.

The minimum entry stake is 2000 Shillings.

Another interesting bit of free play action is under the ‘dream team’ icon on the menu directory at the top of the main landing page.

The punter can select a dream team from players out of as selected fixture, and can win up to 400 000 Shillings. This completion is an interactive one in that competitors play against each other, and the punters who finish in first,. Second and third place on the weekly leader board can claim the cash. The amount for finishing second is 200 000 Shillings while a third place will see a boost of 100 grand.

Each of the jackpots, free games, dream team features and casino are well laid out, in that clicking on their tab opens up a page dedicated to the ‘how to play’, rules, terms and conditions.

There are so many different, world class bet-options that to write up every term and condition will take forever. A punter can simply decide which one of the games written here they want to play – click on link and place bets or study the rules.

The one downside to this platform is the general lack of information regrading depositing and withdrawal. There is no separate link to find out, and the main landing poager has no banners explaining these procedures. Aftre some plodding, I found that deposit and with info can be found when clicking on the FAQ’s tab at the top right hand section of the landing page.

There only seems to be one banking option as explained here, with MTN Mobile money the e-wallet of choice.

There is a detailed ‘how to’ deposit and punters can use this information:

SMS JOIN to 8282 or Dial *282# – On successful registration, the punter will receive a PIN via SMS – then they must SMS the following: D#Amount or Deposit#Amount to 8282. The player will receive a prompt to enter their Mobile Money PIN.
Or Dial *282# and follow the prompts below: Deposit, Enter Amount, and Enter Mobile Money PIN. On successful deposit, a punter will receive their PIN via SMS.

The site is a definite pit stop of online sports bettors, and is recommended for a host of reasons, notwithstanding the variety of options, the massive jackpot and almost every amenity.