Beton Predictions

The online sports betting industry in Uganda is diverse, with many hidden gems to be found amongst a range of top class and bottom-feeding platforms.

The site looks to be prospering and the portal offers almost every bet-type excluding a football jackpot.

The top competitors in this space offer sensational jackpot pools events with win-amounts totalling 100’s of millions Ugandan Shillings, and beton will do well to follow their example.

The platform does offer a substantial bet market, varied sporting codes, virtual play and an online casino as well as a welcome bonus and seems to be flourishing based on the bet-activity.

The site shows the current bets riding on each sport and on a weekend, according to the information found running down the left hand flank, the site appears to be prospering.

If one looks at the various sports and the corresponding bets (in brackets) there seems to be almost 500 000 wagers on football alone.

The rest of the sport-bet activities pale into comparison, but are still relatively high compared to other online operators.

It is astounding to see almost half a million current football bets and if this indeed the case then betone can lay claim to being one of the most popular platforms in the country.

Unpack aging the site could help explain this massive consumer pool. There is a massive bet-market for each sport, with hundreds of bet-types available for each contest.

Beton only offers one promotion, a 50% welcome bonus, and if they can add on a few more marketing tools they could grow even larger. Many competitors in the upper scale of the market offer up to four bonuses, including ‘refer a friend’ and a cash boost.

Beton does not offer these promotional amenities.

Their promotional welcome bonus maximum amount to claim is 100 000 Shillings and the minimum deposit amount to claim this bonus is 2000 Shillings.

The site does offer a wide-ranging virtual play section with games including tennis, basketball, football, dog racing and horse racing> Virtual play is synonymous with a top-notch platform and beton provide a solid VP section.

The site also provides a diverse live in-play betting section and this is another feather in their cap considering the largesse of the bet-markets per event.

The site’s online casino boasts one of the largest ranges of game-play in the country with 795 advertised games, including slots, table games, video poker and bingo.

There are 682 slots and 57 different video poker games available.

The site does not boast the most comprehensive ‘how to play’ sections and this is another area to work on for the developers.

There is no link, or tab to show the banking options, nor ‘how to deposit’.

Searching through the site’s terms, conditions and rules do not offer assistance in providing banking specifics.

There is a section on deposits and withdrawals but no details on whether they use MTN Mobile Money or airtel. Considering the general nature of the Ugandan industry it is safe to assume that these two bank-options are available. The lack of a ‘how to play’ guide is concerning.

The platform is well above average and providing for the addition of a jackpot, and more specific banking details it could become a real player in the Ugandan sports betting market.