BetYetu Uganda Predictions

There are a handful of serious role players in the online sports betting industry in Uganda and these continental powerhouses will take some beating to usurp.

The likes of the big names will ensure that there is a varied market-place for online and mobi punters, and despite their world-class services there is always place for another contender, and betyetu Uganda is pushing the envelope.

The site also has a brand name in Africa and strives to simulate this reputation in Uganda, with a more than decent platform, that offers variety, promotions, professionalism and a varied assortment of sporting codes.

Betyetu is yet to provide punters with a football jackpot, or an online casino.

These are major drawcards to any self-respecting site and the developers at betyetu better make a move on in providing these services.

There platform is more than adequate at providing the basic essentials for a top online sportsbook, and what it does offer, it offers well.

There is virtual play on offer, which will go a long way in establishing the credentials of the platform. There are a surprising amount of online sports betting companies operating in Uganda which do not feature this game-play at all.

The VP is an interactive means to wager, and enjoy a wide bet-market on a series of simulated games.

The web and mobi sites are well laid-out, slick and operationally sound, but lack the razzmatazz and spark that a handful of the bigger platforms provide.

The portal does make up for this in a small way by providing a quartet array of promotions.

There is an Acca insurance bonus, which allows punters the opportunity to lose one leg of a multi-leg accumulator and earn a free bet in return.

There is also a multi-bet bonus of up to an extra 60% of the original winnings, dependant on the amount of legs selected.

There is a money-back offer as well as a cash-out bonus.

The main promotions that really get a newcomer and seasoned punter get excited are also conspicuous in their absence. There is no welcome bonus, nor a ‘refer a friend’ reward. These are two staple features of some of the most popular platforms in Uganda, and the betyetu team will do well to add these promos into their stable.

The main landing page gives an indication to both the ambition of the platform as well as its limitations.

The biggest drawback is the lack of a jackpot, while the absence of an online casino is not a crucial setback, but still a minus when comparing to the real bit hitters in the industry.

Admittedly there are only a handful of sites that offer a casino, jackpot and virtual play so there is hope for betyetu attracting a decent size of the market.

The main landing page menu directory shows off a large bet-market, a promotions link as well as a tab for a price boost while the rest of the lay-out shows a diverse series of sports available, as well as live-in-play betting.

There are two banking options available and the site’s terms and conditions link explains in detail how a punter can deposit and withdraw.

To play via MTN Mobile Money a punter must:  Dial *185*4*4#, enter Merchant code – Betyetu, enter payment Reference – Betyetu, enter amount and enter pin to confirm.

To play via airtel a punter must: dial *185*4*9#, enter business number – 668060, enter amount, enter Reference – Betyetu and finally, enter pin to confirm. According to the site’s rules the maximum pay-out is 35 million Shillings and the maximum number of events you can add to your bet slip is 15.

The minimum withdrawal is 4000 Shillings.

By traversing the site’s terms and conditions I stumbled upon a full set of rules and regulations of a football jackpot that looks promising, rewarding and the real deal.

There is no tab, link or mention of the football jackpot on the main landing page, and it is a pity that there is info regarding a pool jackpot, but no actual one available.

For what it is worth, here are details of the betyetu Uganda jackpot as stipulated under the site’s terms and conditions.

There are two weekly Jackpots available namely a weekday and a weekend jackpot.

According to the info provided the jackpot is subject to the ‘availability of good games’ (whatever that means).

According to the rules to participate in the jackpot games, the player needs to purchase tickets on Mobi, SMS, GSM or Web.

SMS selections will be in the format of selecting “Home Win” = 1, ‘Draw” = X and “Away Win” = 2. The value chosen is selected by including *2,000 for UGX. 2,000 (which is the apparent minimum bet).

The jackpot is made up of 13 legs and punters are required to select the outcome of 16 matches, 13 main matches and 3 alternative matches.

The prize pools, including Jackpot, Bonus 12/13 , Bonus 11/13 , & Bonus 10/13  will be shared by the number of winners correctly predicting the require outcomes. 9 /13 Correct selections will be awarded a Jackpot tickets to utilised in the next Jackpot in the form of a free bet,

According to the terms, the win-amount for hitting all 13 correct fixtures is a decent 50 million Shillings, while one missed leg can earn 6 million.

There are descending pay-outs all the down to 10 from 13 predictions while 9 will earn a free bet.

This is a decent jackpot and if available will certainly get the punters attention.

That said, the ONEXTWO jackpot is nowhere to be found on the main landing page nor subsequent links. This is confusing because there obviously is jackpot play according to the terms and conditions, but an invisible jackpot is like having none at all. Betyetu Uganda, if you are reading this, please address this problem as soon as possible. The punters need clarity and a football jackpot will go a long way in ensuring the tightening of the gap between the very top-ranked platforms and the pretenders to the throne.

If a football jackpot is included as it is set out in the T’s and C’s then betyetu Uganda could become as player in the market.