Elitebet Uganda Predictions

The online sports betting industry in Uganda is full of big-name hitters and many platforms will struggle to go head-to-head with these brand names, and elitebet (despite its glorious-sounding domain name) is not likely to tip the scales.

Elitebet Uganda is near the bottom of the pile when it comes to online web and mobi betting, and will struggle to gain a foothold in the industry.

There are no bells and whistles, and even the nuts and bolts are squeaking.

The usual staples of a major online sports betting site are conspicuously absent. There is no discernible football jackpot, lucky numbers, virtual play nor any sign of promotional giveaways.

The lay-out of the site is poorly done, the graphics are out of kilter and there are bno banners not even a coherent menu directory.

Normally an online sportsbook will have a decent menu, giving links to its features. But when the portal is featureless there is not much to crow about. The main menu directory on the landing page is filled with the info you normally find in the glossary at the bottom of a page.

There is a link/tab for matches, basics, details, rules, news and FAQ’s.

This again shows the lack of any real bet-market or win opportunities.

The site is basically made up of a few football matches, some general betting information and a ‘how to deposit’ and ‘how to withdraw’.

The two banking options are MTN Mobile Mone3y and airtel, and there is a detailed explanation of how to deposit.

The key is once a punter has deposited, what to do with their money on a site that is rudderless becomes the crucial question.

Under the tabs ‘basics’, ‘details’ and ‘rules’ there is abundant info on how to bank but not much else.

Under the FAQ section of the site, a punter may well have put, “why play here?” but again the info is about how to bet via SMS.

This then is the sum total of elitebet Uganda and the developers must surely notice that they do not offer anything of value to the punter. This must go down as one of the worst online sports betting sites in Africa, let alone Uganda.

It is highly recommended … that you do not visit this site if you are interested in online sports betting. If you want to learn about how to play through MTN Mobile Money and airtel, then that is another story.

Elitebet could just as well been called deletebet!