Kagwirawo Predictions

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The online sports betting scene in Uganda is split into three divisions, namely the high-rolling super brands, the middle of the road portals and the platforms that will really struggle to make so much as a blip on the radar.

The super sites, as we can call them due to their wide array of bet6-markets, game-play and features, will have nothing to worry about when it comes to local betting platforms like kagwirawo.co.ug.

This may not be the worst online betting portal in Uganda but it is near the bottom of the pile. If this was like a football leaguer kagwirawo would be certainties for relegation … from the third tier.

First off, the site does not offer any sports other than football, and this limits the options for would-be punters looking to cash in on a variety of contests around the globe.

Secondly the site does not have a football jackpot (even though it covers the sport exclusively), not does it have an online casino or lucky numbers.

There are no promotions on offer and this is another banana peel the developers causing the developers to slip and painfully fall.

The site has a poor lay-out and this does not bode well for a platform with almost nothing else to show.

The main landing page menu directory only has three tabs, with home, FAQ’s and fixtures the only links available to the bettor.

The site does have an extensive ‘how to bet’ section.

There are two main banking options, namely, M<TN Mobile Money and airtel.

To deposit using MTN a punter must go to; “My Account” -> “Deposit”, enter the amount and reason and click the “Deposit” button, dial *165# and to to “8) My Account”; select “2) My Approvals”, enter your PIN, then select the payment from the list of pending payments and finally approve the payment.

To play using airtel a punter must Dial *185#, select “5. Payments”, select “3. BETTING and GAMING”, select “1. Kagwirawo”, select “2. Deposit”, enter the amount into a Kagwirawo account, enter the reason for deposit and finally approve the payment by entering your PIN.

There is also an explanation how to bet for SMS play, as well as links to ‘how to bet’ and ‘FAQ’s.

The bet-market is such is extremely limited and not much time needs to be dwelt on the variety of options.

All in all this is a poor site, limited in scope and game-play and one that will not gain any foothold in Uganda.