Quickbets Predictions

There are a host of major brand names in the online sports betting industry in Uganda and many new sites are left competing for a diluted market space.

Many up and coming sites have plenty of work to do, with some likely to become stragglers in the race for top honours. Quickbets.ug.com will definitely have to up their all-round game to get in on a rapidly expanding industry.

The platform is one of the weaker-performing ones in the country and judging by its web and mobi sites, one can instantly see the problems.

There is no football jackpot, the online casino feature is still pending, the lay-out and design is clumsy and not well constructed.

What it does have going right is a welcome bonus and a deposit bonus, while a wide variety of sporting codes on the sportsbook certainly helps the cause.

The welcome bonus of 1000 Ugandan Shillings is fair, while there is a substantial deposit bonus of up to 1 million Shillings (for new and existing clientele alike).

The website’s lay-out is very poor though and the colour schematics, font size and general design speaks of a basic web development project.

There is no main menu directory and the landing page boasts an over-sized banner with their welcome bonus offering, followed by a list of sporting codes on offer.

A person will have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to find a general directory of sorts.

For those that actually do take a trip to the bottom of the page there is an unearthed gem in the form of the site’s virtual play. There are 12 different virtual games, one of the most by any site in Africa, and the size of this bet-market is impressive.

The developers should have put the virtual play right at the top of the main landing page as it is one of the redeeming qualities of what is a poorly constructed site.

Once again there is another delight to be found at the bottom of the page, under the promotions link, with quickbets offering a surprisingly wide range of promotions. There is the generous deposit bonus, the welcome bonus, plus a cash back feature and a multi-bet boost. The accumulator boost is also one of the highest in Uganda, with the site offering punters a further 120% on their winnings.

These promos are signs of a half-decent platform, underneath all grime.

The banking options are standard fare for the country with punters having the choice to play through airtel or MTN Mobile Money. The explanation of how to deposit and withdraw with either of these options can be found under the ‘customer support’ menu (also found at the bottom of the page).

There are a few bright spots for the site, but without a running casino (as yet), no football jackpot and no lucky numbers it will really be hard-pressed to be a serious player in the market.