Topbet Uganda Predictions

There are a clutch of top-notch online sports betting sites in Uganda, and together with a handful of fledging platforms the market can be seen to split into the haves and the have-nots. is definitely in the fledgling bracket and while it seems to be a decent site there are too many major drawcards missing.

There do have a vast variety of sporting codes on offer, and based on the current bets (which are displayed next to each sport) there seems to be a solid argument that this is a decent platform. Football takes up around half of the current bets on any given weekend, but the activity on other codes such as basketball and American football shows that Ugandan punters are pleasantly diverse.

The main landing page is a generic ‘welcome to the site’ and to get into the real essence of the platform a browser must ta[ on the ‘fixtures’ link in the main menu directory. This will take them to how a traditional online sportsbook should look like.

On the surface topbet looks professional and despite poor graphics on their banners, they do have a little bit of everything.

They offer a football jackpot, but clicking on the link (found on the main menu) shows that this feature is still being developed and will be up soon. There is no indication as to when it will be up and running.

There is no virtual play and this is disappointing as a host of top sites feature this entertaining game-play and wide bet-market.

To access the promotion n, one has to go right to the bottom of the page and tap on the ‘sports welcome bonus’ and the info will appear on a separate page. The key disappointment here is that there is no mention of how much a punter will earn by joining the platform, with their only being a minimum deposit of 1000 Ugandan Shillings and a rule that to qualify a player must roll the bet over 10 times.

This is way more roll-overs than is the norm, thus making it hard for the punter to see sense in joining. Most of the leading sites have a three-to-five bet turnover.

Clicking on the site’s rules (found on main menu) will show the punter the basics such as minimum stake (1000 Shillings), maximum stake (20 million) and maximum pay-out of 100 million UGX.

The minimum withdrawal amount allowed is 5000 Shillings.

The rules also stipulate different conditions for the welcome bonus as the link advertised, with the fine print saying that a mere 10% welcome reward is offered and the bet need only be rolled over 5 times.

This stark difference in what is advertised and what it states under the rules section is a problem, and punters will have to tread carefully when deciding to play or not. The 10% bonus amount is also negligible as many competitors offer at least 100%.

 The rest of the rules section goes on to explain each bet on the market for all of the sporting codes on offer, and to their credit the bet-market is extensive.

The site offers a careful ‘how to bet’ explanation with a comprehensive guide on how to play, using MTN Mobile Money and airtel. The explanation and guidelines are comprehensive.

The site does offer a more-than-decent live in-play betting section.

The final item on the main menu directory is a ‘results’ link.

All in all is a run-of-the-mill platform and despite boasting a decent amount of bets per weekend (in the region of 2500) they will struggle to gain a foothold in a competitive market-place. That may change if they can bring in a super-sized jackpot.

For now the site is limited to a varied bet-market, a good coverage of almost every sporting code available and live in-play betting. There are many better options for the Ugandan punter.