World Star Betting Jackpot Predictions

The online spirts bet industry in Uganda is growing at a rapid pace and there are a mix of top class platforms, middle of the range sites and bottom-dwelling portals. is a middle of the range platform that offers a mix of pleasure and pain for the newcomer punter.

The site offers virtual play and a jackpot but clicking in these tab links found on the main landing page menu directory will leave a potential consumer with a frustrating experience.

Click on the link and a pop-up box that appears, with information stating that the information can only be accessed by registered punters.

This essentially means that any newcomer will not be able to see if the jackpot is a traditional 1×2 (home win, draw or away win) nor how many legs make up the sum total.

On the main landing page there is a banner on the right hand flank that advertises the jackpot, with a win of almost 10 million Ugandan Shillings up for grabs. Clicking on this banner to find out more information on the pools will take a person to a registration form.

Almost every online sports betting site in the world that carries a football jackpot, displays the information like the fixtures, pay-outs and rules and regulations without having to sign-up. This is a mistake by the developers as punters would like to check out the services offered before going through the trouble of signing up.

This marketing strategy of trying to lure in customers by half-teasing them with a sensational jackpot. One of the disappointing aspects is that the big win is only a mere 10 million Shillings, compared to a 100 million or more by many competing sites in the country.

The same pop-up appears when a person clicks on the virtual play link – with the developers stating that this feature is only available to signed-up members. This is another anomaly compared to almost every online bet-site in Africa. Many punters want to see what the virtual play games look like and what the bet-markets are like in this department. The major hitters in Uganda allow browsers to check out their VP, and this another mistake by the developers.

Another major flaw with the site is that there are no discernible links to terms, conditions, FAQ’s or any glossary of any kind.

This is another blip on the radar as far as competing brands are concerned as this vital information is a requisite.

The rest of the site as far as look and feel, is sufficiently proficient, professional and shows off a certain quality look.

There is no link or tab for promotions, but there is a banner which shows off two, with a multi-bet boost and a giveback bonus, where a punter can earn substantial amounts by missing one leg of an accumulator. Again, clicking on the banner should take a person to another link explaining the rules and regulations of the bonus on offer. This info could be available to members.

The web and mobi sites offer a diverse bet-market covering a host of sporting codes, with football, basketball and tennis some of the more popular bet-activities.

The site does offer live in-play betting and luckily this information is clear to browsers, and the size and s cope of the markets available are well represented.

There are two banking methods, according to a banner on the right hand side of the main landing page, with MTN Mobile Money and airtel, offered to the punter.

The MTN pay bill is ‘CBU’ while the airtel pay bill is 650651.

Clicking on this tab once again provides no further information like ‘how to deposit’ or ‘how to withdraw’.

The lack of scope with regard to the actual website development is disappointing, with the complete tabs for terms and conditions, banking help and all the other vital details required of a ‘normal’ site, missing in action.

This site looks deceiving in that when one first opens the main landing page, a punter could be fooled into thinking it is a world class portal, but after spending a few minutes browsing the nuts and bolts there seems to be nothing of real import.

The only reason this gets a medium-to-poor rating and not a stinker is that it does offer a jackpot, virtual play and a decent bet-market.

But unless you are a member, you will not get to see the quality of the platform and how it functions as compared to some of the bigger names in the Ugandan market.

The platform needs a major overhaul in strategy.